SSRS Page Totals can be a bit Challenging! See how here!

In SSRS, the best way to get a page total is to first create a page footer and add a text box to it.  Add an expression to the text box to create the sum of the
field you want.  In footers you cannot sum actual fields in the report, so you have to sum the textbox that the field is located in.  For instance, if
you want to have a page total of the field “
extprice”, then you have to use an expression referring to the textbox that the field "extprice" is located in.
It looks like this.  =Sum(ReportItems!
extprice.Value) or yours may say =Sum(ReportItems!Textbox1.Value) That will give you a pagetotal on each page.  


As far as a Grand total on the last page, and you probably need it to line up even or lower than the page total you have, you need to go a slightly different

route.  Add a footer to your Matrix.  So, insert a row that is outside of the grouping below and then create a sum for the specific field that you want like this.

=SUM(Fields!extPrice.Value).  That will give you the grand total at the bottom of the Matrix.  To get it to be in the pagefooter and to make it show up only
on the last page you do this:  Set hidden=True for the visibility property of the grand total row of the matrix.  Create another text box in the page footer.

Create an expression referencing that grand total you just created.  Only this time, do not sum it because it is already summed in the Matrix.   =ReportItems!TotalDue.Value