Research Firm SourcingLine Publishes Shortlist of Top Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultants

The research highlights the most capable Microsoft Dynamics ERP consultants catering to the mid-market.


WASHINGTON, March 13, 2013 — Today SourcingLine published the first edition of their Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultants Leaders Matrix. The Leaders Matrix analyzes each firm’s focus in Microsoft Dynamics against their ability to deliver ERP solutions to their clients. This publication follows SourcingLine’s existing research on enterprise based web and mobile developers, which has been called the most comprehensive available online.


The Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultants Leaders Matrix focuses on firms that are able to apply Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, and NAV to improve the operational efficiency of organizations within a wide range of industries. The top consultants were selected based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors including company experience, breadth of knowledge, client references, Microsoft Certifications, industry recognition, and marketing presence.


Out of the hundreds of firms that are Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partners, only 6 firms were selected for the Leaders Matrix. The firms included are: BroadPoint Technologies, Technology Management Concepts, ACE Microtechnology, Zensar Technologies, IndustryBuilt Software, and Turnkey Technologies.


“For a company to be competitive, they must be able to capture and organize data from across departments to create actionable knowledge in real-time,” stated Sam Pettee, Senior Analyst at SourcingLine. “The consultants included in our Leaders Matrix consistently apply ERP solutions to help complex organizations remain competitive.”


SourcingLine has also published a comprehensive directory of Microsoft Dynamics ERP consultants including additional firms that were not included in the Leaders Matrix.


SourcingLine’s effort to identify the top Microsoft Dynamics ERP consultants will be ongoing and they encourage firms with a proven record to apply to participate in updates to their research.


About SourcingLine


SourcingLine is a Washington, DC-based research firm focused on IT services. We provide independent, quantitative analysis on leading services firms to support procurement decisions in small, medium and large enterprises. We publish the top-ranked analysis of Global Outsourcing Locations and Mobile Application Developers among others. Our research leverages a proprietary framework, the Leaders Matrix, which maps firm’s focus areas and their ability to deliver on client expectations.




Sam Pettee



GP User Security Report

I received a request from a client who needed to supply a GP User Security Report to their auditors. Prior to GP version 10, we were at the mercy of the GP Report Writer report that was typically several thousands to several tens of thousands of pages long. We would usually modify the report to print one line per record to save space and so that it was easily exported, but even that produced a very large file. Now with the new Role-based Security in GP 10 and 2010, we have access to this data in SQL. I developed the script below and thought that others in the GP community might find it useful. It provides a nice, simple view of the user security in GP.  It does not drill down to the specific window level, but it has every user, the companies they access, the roles they are assigned to in each company and the task and task descriptions within each role.  Pretty sweet.  I hope you guys can use it someday.

The script:

Use dynamics

select rol.userid, cmp.interid, rol.securityroleid, tsk.securitytaskid, td.securitytaskname, td.securitytaskdesc

from SY10500 rol 

                inner join SY01500 cmp on rol.cmpanyid=cmp.cmpanyid

                inner join SY10600 tsk on rol.securityroleid=tsk.securityroleid

                inner join SY09000 td on tsk.securitytaskid=td.securitytaskid

order by rol.userid, cmp.interid, rol.securityroleid, tsk.securitytaskid


A sample result set:

Tonya Boyce

ACE Microtechnology, Inc.


Reconciling SOP Batches from WITHIN Dynamics GP

Posted by Michael D Johnson II on Tuesday, August 09, 2011
An article I posted sometime ago with a SQL Script that would reconcile SOP Batch Totalshas really developed legs recently.  It’s been downloaded several times a week for several months.  As a result, I felt some enhancement was in order.To that end, I’ve compiled the same logic, with few exceptions, into an assembly you can download here.  Copy this to your Addins folder and then you can perform this same function from the Sales Batch Entry Additional Menu without having to run a SQL script or access the Reconcile Receivable Amounts Window in GP.

One exception to the logic in the script is that this will not delete empty batches.  If you have an opinion as to how valuable that feature might be please leave a comment and I will evolve this accordingly.  This utility will simply do the following:

  1. Update batch totals for those that are NOT locked by a user with a Batch Activity Record (SY00800).  This was not designed to reconcile a specific batch but rather all batches at once.  So, don’t select a batch in Sales Batch Entry when executing this routine unless you want the batch selected to be excluded from the logic.
  2. Create missing Batch Header records for batches that do exist in SOP WORK (SOP10100) but not SY00500.

This will be especially useful if you want to enable GP users to resolve SOP Batch Total discrepancies on their own without having to grant them access to the Reconcile Receivables Amounts window.

This was developed on GP 2010 and tested on both GP 2010 and GP 10.